Tuesday Night Project Dance Rock & Funk
Tuesday Night ProjectDance Rock & Funk

Band Members

Bob Atkinson
Lead Vocals
After spending several years on the Main Line and Philly Rock Scene and singing covers from LED Zeppelin to Pink Floyd, Bob decided that he wanted to pursue a more entertaining genre of music. And now he has, as lead singer of Tuesday Night Project. "I want people to get up and dance to the songs we are playing, to entertain them"
Simon G
Lead Guitar/Vocals
Simon is an excellent Guitarist
Andrew Heller
Andrew has played in various bands from blues based David Coppa & Scrapple of Philadelphia to anything from Contemporary Christian Rock to the more psychedelic sounds of Sweat Equity. Andrew is mostly self-taught, but has studied briefly with Clayton Cameron (Frank Sinatra), Ricky Sebastian and Bobby Sanabria. His primary influence is Mitch Mitchell of the Jimi Hendrix Experience and at a deeper level is an admirer of Elvin Jones, Joe Jones and Max Roach.
Jack Furcht
Jack is a Splendid Bassist
Jim Miller
Jim is quite the Guitarist
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